The EnergyNet Blog – July 2018

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This month’s blog comes from Fred Mazo, Regional Manager: LAC Region at EnergyNet

Re: Natural Gas Pumping in Latin America & Caribbean (LAC) region

On Friday 29th June, the first Advisory Board meeting for the Latin America and Caribbean Gas Conference and Exhibition took place in Washington DC during the World Gas Conference.

The 27th World Gas Conference hosted over 600 of the industry’s most senior speakers from all over the world

The twelve members of the Advisory Board, including the Heads of Total, Shell, Petrobras, YPF, Repsol, IGU, ARPEL and EnergyNet, were meeting for the first time to discuss how to set the foundations for the development of regional gas projects and business opportunities through the most crucial gas event ever created for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The contributions from each member of the AB has been essential to the strengthening of this first gas event, and the commitment from all the AB members to highlight new business opportunities has been outstanding.

The agreements adopted at the meeting will help bring the most important leaders of the gas sector to Mexico City seeking to develop new gas projects in LAC countries with the most attractive market opportunities and energy policies for infrastructure development.

At the same time, the Advisory Board will focus on developing two fundamental groups for the success of natural gas in the region: supply and demand for natural gas, and infrastructure development.

These working groups will provide more insights to the AB members and the industry in general about the business-critical issues that the gas sector faces in the LAC region, giving the event and its agenda a more accurate plan to benefit the industry in the short, medium and long-term.

Our stand at the 27th World Gas Conference in Washington, DC

The working groups will integrate the most experienced and successful companies in the world seeking for business opportunities in LAC.

It was exciting to discover that all the members of the Advisory Board shared the same opinion about the necessity to separate the LAC gas sector in regions. The importance to analyse challenges and opportunities for the gas industry based on geography, market conditions, maturity and the development status of those markets to deploy the right strategy for the development of the sector on time on budget and specification is fundamental for the success of natural gas in LAC.

Last but not least all the members of the Advisory board are 100% committed to the development of a more sustainable gas industry, and they will work tirelessly in the development programs related to a more friendly energy policy that protects the environment, integrates the private and public sector and brings economic stability to the region through gas projects.

More information about the upcoming event in Mexico  can be found at

Please let me know if you have any questions, feedback, or would like more info on the blog.

Many thanks,

Fred Mazo

Regional Manager LAC Region






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