EnergyNet Ltd. organises a global portfolio of investment meetings focused specifically on the power & electricity sectors across Africa and Latin America.

For the last 23 years we’ve worked in Europe, the USA, China and across Africa & Latin America to facilitate investment summits where international investors can build relationships with credible public sector stakeholders.
Our team spend over 220 days a year travelling to meet major players in the energy sector across Africa and Latin America, so relationships and investor insights are both our business and our passion.
Energynet is an emerging market-focused team of researchers and experienced power professionals, owned and supported globally by the UK’s largest conference and exhibitions organisation, Clarion Events. With over 500 people covering defence, energy and utilities in Brazil, Germany, London, New York, San Francisco, South Africa, Turkey, Abu Dhabi and Singapore, Energynet Ltd and Clarion Events are committed to providing global insights and local partnerships.
For more information about EnergyNet and the meetings we organise, visit www.energynet.co.uk